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Meet the teamplars

Yndon Clark

A Magi of both organic & digital Mystechnology, ẎnDon is a weaver of the galactic chainmail of Omniscience. As the resident Hologeneticist for Tiny Temples, his Holographic Wisdom unlocks the ability to perceive the spirit of the Unified Field, providing the multi-dimensional insight that allows the Tiny Templars to pierce the veil of the Matrix in order to Re-Code the very DNA of each Hohm.

jan 29 tiny ts headshots & close ups lr-
Nate BArbosa

Team leader and  Vision Holder, Nate Barbosa has been building community for the past 10 years. Inspired by the infinite possibility within each moment, the beauty in each unique expression and the expression of mother earth herself. He’s devoted his life to sharing and cultivating the spaces of creation and passion with each living being.

Corwin MAndel

Corwin is a owner of Tiny Temples, he is an elven earth creature whose mission in life is to create offerings of belonging to others. To bring the wild back to civilization. Through creating containers of freedom, joy and purpose he invokes others’ hearts to emerge. He began his journey of tiny home creation after living in his dad's van from age 3-6 helping his father with building projects along the road. He later traveled the country and the world learning natural building and visual art, until he settled in Boulder to lay down his backpack of skills and offer living monuments, hohms that would hold people inside a space of love, safety, sovereignty and inspiration for generations to come.

Padme om

Padme OM is a humble co-onwer of Tiny Temples Co. System wizard, Seer of operations, Cermonist mage and a brother to all in his life. He’s inspirations for co-creating tiny homes come from owning multiple businesses, working as an artist for meow wolf, leading wilderness therapy programs, and being a leader, teacher and student in this ever-changing world.

jan 29 tiny ts headshots & close ups lr-
Schuyler Sowa

Schuyler Sowa is fascinated with the whole concept of being alive - playing roles in a reality that seems infinite and in a constant state of flux is inspiring. This enormous sandbox of possibility stimulates his curiosity, and in turn, his creativity. Schuyler is grateful to be an Operations Magician, optimizing the existing systems at Tiny Temples for increased efficiency, and creating whatever is asking to be manifested next.

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