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Ancient Architecture

The journey


We begin... with a Breath

Becoming aware of your pulse, your life line.. your belonging..

Your connection to this earth, this life, and this universe.

Opening the door

Discovering the story of you: how you got here and where you want to go

We are all refugees, unsettled and misplaced. Our job is to help you to find belonging again.

Our architecture is the sculpture of your soul

We design every building with the blueprints of who you are and what you want to become

It becomes a second skin, a suit of protection that insulates your purity

The purity of your innocence, your desire, and your sense of sanctuary

After guiding the journey into your soul we begin to interpret the artifacts we find.

Archetypes, Totems, Geometry, Colors, Plants and Guides that have helped and will continue to assist you on the path..

We design your new building based on these findings

Before every build we begin with a ceremony

Calling in your new life.

We invoke the directions, guides, angels and all the elements that will be the contractors of the design.

Our building process then becomes the continuation and honoring of that ceremony..

We embed meaningful art, crystals and relics into the walls that contain the spirit of the building.

We write intentions on the floorboards and the walls.

After this ceremony is complete we continue this ritual

Every morning of the build the workers invoke these elements and send prayers to you and your home, for the flow of the day and for the well being of the whole world.

As the being of your home is being created, we invite you to come and continually be a part of the creation of this new entity coming to life

We make every build as fun and joyful as possible with dance parties, jokes, activities, and play to imbue the essence of your palace with aliveness

You are always invited to join in this celebration

Finally, we have a celebration and community gathering, with food and dance initiating your new creation into the world.

When its all over we hope you stay involved.

We will have a presentation of the story, the process and all of its beauty here on our site

and we hope that after some time in your new home, you feel inspired to send more content and videos of what it means to you and your life <3

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

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Thank you for your Curiosity

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